Argyle Heir
The Ladybug Transistor
July 2001
Album CD Sold Out
"hangs suspended beautifully between carefree joy and decay..." - Time Out
Fires On The Ocean, Echoes, Perfect For Shattering, Going Up North (Icicles), Wooden Bars, Catherine Elizabeth, Nico Norte, Words Hang In The Air, Fjords Of Winter, In A Certain Place, Brighton Bound, The Reclusive Hero, The Glass Pane, Caton Gardens
The Ladybug Transistor

The Ladybug Transistor are from New York. Brooklyn to be exact. The past five years have seen them evolve from a three-piece band into a six-piece mini orchestra.

The current line up was solidified in 1997 after the release of Beverley Atonale, their first full-length L.P. for Merge. Two years later "The Albemarle Sound" was released to much acclaim. Dubbed the last great pop album of the century, it was a landmark for the group and won them new audiences worldwide. Several tours of the United States and Europe ensued.

In 2001 The Ladybug Transistor released "Argyle Heir" recorded as always at the band's Marlborough Farms headquarters in Brooklyn with Gary Olson and William Wells at the helm.

Argyle Heir's 14 new songs, together with the band-?s built-in flair for arranging them, add even more dimension and density to the established Ladybug sound.